Los verbos regulares

Regular verb practice
. This is an overview of present tense regular verbs. 

Practice in context. Practice choosing correct forms of regular -AR, -ER, -IR & stem-changers/irregular verbs in a story. It also includes a helpful verb chart. 

Verb Conjugation Trainer. Use this to help practice present tense verbs. You have the option to just practice regular or irregular verbs, or you can check which specific verbs you want to practice conjugating.  

-AR verb practice. Practice conjugating verbs that end in -AR. 

Grammar Exercises. This site has many grammar activities to help you out. This is good for beginners and more advanced learners. Choose "present tense" from the list on the right. You can practice -AR, -ER, and -IR present tense verbs. 

Repaso. Review and practice regular -AR, -ER, & -IR verbs. 

Respaso II. Una buena explicación del presente.