Recursos generales (General Resources)

There are many Spanish resources available on the Internet to help practice vocabulary and grammar concepts, as well as learn about culture. Here are some that I find helpful and most effective: ¡Aquí hay una buena manera de estudiar vocabulario en la Red! Learn vocabulary from any classroom unit I create quickly and easily with these games! 

Ver-taal. Ejercicios de vocabulario, gramática y de escuchar. 

Verb conjugation. This is a great tool if you need help conjugating verbs. 

Verbos más comunes. Here you will find a list of English-Spanish and Spanish-English of the top 100 most used verbs in their infinitive form. 

Las  palabras más populares. The top 100 most used words in Spanish. 

Zambombazo. Una explosión de lengua y cultura!"

Duolingo.  One of the best FREE online programs to learn and practice language! 

Tiras cómicas. Comics in Spanish!

Livemocha. This is a language learning social network where you receive feedback from other native speakers. You can create a free account and begin learning all sorts of different languages! 

Language for Exchange. Find a pen pal in another part of the world and start practicing in an authentic context! 

Videos de España. These great videos enhance your learning on a variety of Spanish vocabulary and grammar topics. 

Videos culturales y más.  Lots of great vocabulary practice as well as cultural videos. 

Podcast Notes in Spanish. A Spanish woman and her English husband have conversations on various cultural/grammatical topics to teach you Spanish. It's free to hear their podcasts!

Coffee Break Spanish. Just what it says! A Scottish man gives lessons on Spanish. Scroll down to "Free Audio Lessons." Then, you can click on specific lessons. Start with Lesson 1 and see how far you go!

"The purpose of the National Spanish Examination is
  1. to recognize achievement in the study of the Spanish language
  2. to promote proficiency in interpretive communication in the Spanish language
  3. to assess the national standards as they pertain to learning Spanish
  4. to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish"
spanish.language&culture. This is an excellent resource with lots of grammar concepts!

Actualidades. "Learn Spanish through pop culture!" This is an educational and fun website that helps you enhance your language skills through music, video, posters, & comic strips.

Multilingual Books. This site has lists of Spanish films, learning materials, online newspaper, TV and radio stations.

Leer y escuchar. ¡Audiolibros en español!

Spanish-speaking countries. Links to fascinating and fun information about lots of Spanish-speaking countries.

Language Guide. Listen and practice in an interactive way lots of beginner vocabulary like alfabeto, números, colores, casa, escuela, familia, animales, cuerpo, ropa and lots more!

Más arriba: Spanish Language Exercises. This site is fantastic! It has free lessons and exercises with sound clips, pictures, and instant feedback to help you with tons of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Check it out!

BBC Español. Interactive videos to help you improve your Spanish.

Picture Dictionary. Multilingual picture dictionary that helps you learn without direct translation.

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.  A Spanish literature library. 

Instituto Cervantes. This website is based out of Spain and has cultural information, TV, radio and courses in Spanish. 

Cinergía.  Hispanic Film studies.