Videos / Podcasts / Actividades de escuchar

Zombombazo. Just check it out. It's pretty neat. Authentic. Thematic. Amazing. 

Spanish Proficiency Activities. Excellent auditory practice with native speakers from all over the world!

TodoEle. Audiovisual material by level, grammar topic or vocabulary theme. 

Accents.  Listen to passages of varying topics. 

Creative Language Classroom. Authentic resources. 

Cine con clase. Use Spanish video clips to hear grammar structures and vocabulary in context. 

Cortometrajes. Short videos that tell a story. 

Lyricstraining! Listen to your favorite songs in Spanish and see if you can fill in the missing lyrics. For beginners to advanced learners.

Spanish listening. Over 300 videos of native speakers of various levels speaking about different topics.  

Audiria. Podcasts on varying topics in Spanish. 

Podcasts in Spanish. Podcasts de ciencia. 

Notes in Spanish.  Authentic conversations in Spanish. 

Spanish Obsessed. Unscripted conversations. 


Ver-taal. Ejercicios de vocabulario, gramática y de escuchar. 

Cuentos cortos. Audio of short stories by Hispanic authors. 

Artehistoria. Videos de hechos históricos y obras de arte. 

Yabla.  Learn Spanish through authentic immersion through TV, music video, drama, interviews, and more in this paid subscription. 

Nuevos Horizontes.  A Spanish language radio program geared to reach out to Latino communities. 

SCOLA. This is a non-profit organization striving to connect languages and cultures by satellite transmitting foreign language TV programming around the world. 

Las voces de las mujeres de Xelajú. Listen to women's interview clips in Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain to practice your listening comprehension.  

Spanish Audio Gazette.  Listen to different Spanish accents talk about cultural aspects or issues. "Programa que se acerca a destinos de todo el mundo a través de los españoles que han decidido instalarse en otro país. Estos ''nuevos emigrantes'' ofrecen su particular punto de vista sobre el país que los ha acogido y explican sus anécdotas sobre cómo son sus vidas allí."